22 February 2013

My Safety Blanket

At times, in moments of loneliness or after a particularly challenging day, there are times when small comforts seem  to bring so much peace and security.  I can imagine why Linus, from the Peanuts characters, held that blanky so close, especially when things were a little tense with the rest of the gang.  In our lives, however, clinging to that "safety blanket," while comforting, is a reality that cannot become our only escape, and maybe those are the crosses we are meant to carry.  As I think about this safety blanket and those things that can provide a sense of security, as weak or false as it is, I think of Abram and the way in which he trusted God with such complete devotion that he seemingly never hesitated to respond to God's call.  I hold Abram in high regard and a certain awe because in his acceptance of God's will, he never seemed to hesitate, and here I am... hesitating... waiting... going, but cautiously.  Perhaps this is what Lent is about, its about our entering a reality that is beyond ourselves, one which calls us beyond our comfort and our being comforted, and yet, the irony is that if we venture beyond our now, we will find that God is providing even more than that which we held on to for dear life!  We discover that in following Jesus up the mountain, or beyond my wants, we are mesmerized by the glories that God calls us to participate in and become.  Even after we come down, or come back to my comfort zone, we cannot help but hold an awareness of just how much God's love is with us.  Always calling us beyond ourselves into a life that is true, a life in Him, a life where we not only find ourselves in the safety of His presence, but more importantly, a life where we know ourselves in the safety of His love.  As always, know that I love you.  God bless you.  Fr Ricky

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