31 January 2012

Be still and know that you are loved!

I haven't written in a while, and although there have been many things going on since this Advent season when I last wrote, there has been one event that has particularly touched my heart.  Since I have been in Midland, just a little over three months, there have been four or five teen suicides that have shaken the community.  Although I have not personally been involved with any of the families or the teens, it has been especially sad to read about each suicide when it happens.  Yesterday, I was casually looking in my local news site and noticed a bulletin that told of another suicide.  My heart sank and I paused a moment to pray for the young man, his family, and those affected by this tragedy.  Since then, I have been thinking about these different suicides and the last effect that they have had and will have on the community at large and more importantly, on the Body of Christ, each and every one of us that is an adopted child of God.  As a minister, I think of the appropriate pastoral response to these suicides, but as a brother, an uncle, and a friend, I think more what can drive someone to such extreme measures.  Although I cannot propose a solution, I cannot help but wonder if one thing would be to be able to look into our brothers' or sisters' eyes and to tell them "I Love YOU!"  I don't mean texting them, or posting it on their wall, but actually looking into their eyes, recalling the love of God as I have experienced it and letting them know that they are loved, not only because I love them, but because they are indeed worthy of love!!!  I fear that more and more, many of us have forgotten the importance of human contact. In an act of love and truth, may we be able to take the time, not only to recognize God in our lives, but to express that love to others.  Sometimes, all we need is to be reminded that we are loved.  Peace to you and God bless you, and I LOVE YOU!  Fr. Rick. 

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