11 March 2012

the money changers in our midst

This was supposed to be a reflection on the Third Sunday of Lent, but as it turns out, there is something far greater than just one Sunday at play in my meditations and prayers.  As I imagined Jesus going up to His beloved Temple and being compelled by His love for God to undo the great sin that had taken root at the Temple in the form of the money changers, I kept wondering about the modern day money changers and God-manipulators.  Obviously, the easy targets become those who use the name of the Lord to get their own, but this is too easy.  Instead, I thought about the Commandments and their proclamation of a life that is deeply rooted in God.  Many people believe that these Commandments are "must- dos" that God imposes on us from on high.  In actuality, I believe they are humble proclamations of one who knows God's love.  Having this in mind, the question then arises, who are the money changers, or rather, who are those people who look at God and mock Him and His followers?  At the moment, one major player in this, includes those who are trying to impose on our religious liberties.  Ironically enough, its those who are manipulating a truth for their own gain.  In calling it a "choice," there are those who would rather see to the death of millions of unnamed but unforgotten babies (called fetuses) instead of reaching a point where we understand the beauty and sacredness of humanity and the delicacy of sex.  Instead, they fill the minds of many people as they proclaim these crimes to be necessary and a part of our modern world, and as they impose the payment for these crimes on those faithful men and women who try to proclaim the Good News of Christ with their lives. As such, I truly believe that we are called upon today to take on the zeal of Jesus as He overturned the tables, we are called upon to profess our faith and to do so with the knowledge that we are God's beloved children.  No longer must these money changers be allowed to deface God, as His children, and in our faithful living, may we be witnesses to a truth far greater than any government or any unjust law, a Truth in whom is our life, a Truth who is way, a Truth whom we love, a Truth to be lived beyond this, the Third Sunday of Lent!  Peace to you and God bless you.  Love you. Fr Rick

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