24 February 2012

1 Lent...

Ok, so here goes another one.  As I start this season of Lent, it's strange to think of the changes that I have experienced in just a few short months.  Language in the Missal has changed, my family has changed, my life and even my assignment.  All in all, it can almost be enough to leave my head spinning and somewhat out of control.  And that's precisely what this time of Let is all about, as Jesus goes into the desert in this Sunday's readings, we see Him not only going on retreat, but invititing us to do so also.  Of course, we don't have the luxury of leaving our family and responsibilities while the angels tend to us, but we do have the capacity for growth in our very real (and usually busy) daily lives.  It is in the daily events of our lives, especially those mundane and routine events, that God sometimes speaks to us, or at least, where He surprises us the most when we realize that He has been there all along.  So I enter this new Church season having given up a few things, but also having made the conscious effort to allow myself to see God here, now, in an amazing way.  The fact is that we very often live in the desert (especially here in West Texas) and all we have to do, is let God do His thing, and let us be ministered to by his love.  Peace and blessings to you.  Love you, Fr.  Rick

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